Adding Tiered Prices in Bulk via CSV – Magento 1

When uploading tiered prices to products, you need to have just two columns (for existing products):



Enter your SKU in the first column and in the following cell, in the same row, add the tiered price.  All the data for all the tiers are entered in on one CELL.  Each cell contents is delimited by quotation marks “, each tier is defined by the pipe symbol | and each element within each tier is separated by commas.

So within each tiered pricing cell the following data is required to define ONE of the tiers:

“Customer Group Name,Website Code,Qty,Price”

A note regarding group names – if you want to upload to ALL customer groups rather than a specific customer group, please use ‘all’ text for the customer group name. If you use ALL GROUPS your import will fail.

If you download the attached CSV, you’ll see a sample of workable data to import.  Any questions, let me know.

Once you have your csv ready and uploaded your images to the import folder, in the Magento backend, navigate to SYSTEM > IMPORT/EXPORT > FAST BULK PRODUCT IMPORT > DATAFLOW – PROFILES

Select the import profile:

And run the profile:

Download Sample CSV


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