Deleting Products in Bulk in Magento 1

There are a number of ways of deleting products.

Please note that when you delete a product (rather than just disable it), you are completely removing it from the database and it will not be retrievable in the future.

If you only have a few to do, you can simply go to CATALOG > PRODUCTS, find and check off on the left-hand side the products you want to delete and then in the ‘actions’ dropdown find the ‘delete’ option and then click on ‘submit’ button.  This will delete these carefully selected products.

However if you have 100’s or 1000’s of products to delete, the handiest way is to create a csv file.  Name the header row ‘sku’ and below this list (one in each row) every SKU that needs deleting.


Once completed, save your CSV file to something you will remember and place somewhere on your computer that you can navigate to easily.

Now in the Magento admin area, navigate to SYSTEM > IMPORT / EXPORT > IMPORT.

Once in the import area, change the ‘import behaviour’ dropdown to ‘delete entries’, choose your file and then ‘check data’.  Once your data checks out okay, import the file.



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