Managing Promotions & Discounts in Magento 1 – More Price Rules

In addition to catalog and shopping cart price rules – there are yet more ways to configure and give discounts on a per-product basis.


Within the ‘Prices Tab’ of Magento is a field called ‘special price’.  This field allows you to set a special discounted price.   You are also able to select a time limit to this special price.

For example if a product costs €12 Euro and for a limited time only, you want to sell it for €10 euro.  The date fields are not mandatory but for planning purposes, this may be of some use.


Sometimes customers are assigned to groups (see CUSTOMERS > CUSTOMER GROUPS).  There are many uses to assigning customers to different groups, and one of them is to be able to assign different types of groups separate pricing.  For example Group A could be one-off customers.  Group B could be good customers who regularly purchase off the site.  Group C could be customers who buy in bulk.   So because of the different customers purchasing behaviour, you might want to offer them different prices on a ‘per product’ basis.  This is where ‘GROUP PRICE’ comes in.

Again in the ‘PRICES’ tab on a specific product page, you can add group prices by hitting the ‘add group price’ button and for each relevant group, you can add a price.

When a customer assigned to a group logs in with their login credentials, the website will display they discounted price automatically.


A ‘tier’ is a level in a structure or sequence.  With pricing, we simply mean that there are different ‘levels’ for pricing, depending on quantity purchased.

So tiered prices are a set of price rules you can set based on quantity purchasing.  For example, to buy one, costs 5 Euro, to buy 10 or more, costs 4 euro (each) and to buy 50 or more, costs 3 euro (each).

This information is neatly displayed in the frontend product page by way of a grid and on the category it will display ‘price from ….’ and display the most favourable price.

You can also select tiered pricing for select customer groups.

Simply click on ‘add tier’ button and add your tiered pricing rules.


If you have a specific customer that you’d like you give a special price to on a particular product, you can add this customer in the bottom tab of the product by ‘selecting’ the customer (they have to exist in the first place – so if they are not on the system, they have to be added first) and then giving them their price for that particular product.

As always, once you’ve changed any pricing rules within products, make sure to save the product and check on the frontend that your rules have effected in the way you envisioned them to.



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