Uploading Multiple Images to One Product in Bulk via CSV- Magento 1

When you have already identified your main product image, you can also upload additional ones:

You’ll need two columns headed by:



Again there is one cell that will have the SKU defined and in the cell next to it, the images defined.  Each additional image is separated by a comma.  Please note to add a forward slash at the beginning of each image /.

So a cell would look like this (the ” automatically added to the cell – don’t add this manually)


Images should FIRST go into the /media/import folder via FTP.  This is accessed via PUBLIC_HTML / MEDIA / IMPORT.

Once you have your csv ready and uploaded your images to the import folder, in the Magento backend, navigate to SYSTEM > IMPORT/EXPORT > FAST BULK PRODUCT IMPORT > DATAFLOW – PROFILES

Select the import profile:

And run the profile:



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